Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a traditional real estate company and Total Choice Realty? The basic differences between a traditional real estate company and Total Choice Realty is what we charge to list your property in the GAMLS and FMLS.

    The other major difference is you retain your 'by owner' status and reserve the rights to show, sell and advertise your property yourself. You now have total control in the sale of your home, which is lost when you list with a traditional realtor.

  2.  Who handles the negotiation with the flat fee service?  

    Total Choice Realty to represent your interest in the sale of your property, we will: negotiate the offer on your behalf, write the contract, calculate the Seller's net sheet, review the home inspection, schedule the closing, submit documents to the closing attorney and review the HUD-1 for a smooth closing. Whether you find the buyer yourself or if there is a buyer's agent involved in the transaction.

  3.  Can we sell our home ourselves? Yes! Unlike traditional real estate you retain your 'by owner' status. You reserve the right to show, sell and advertise your property yourself. If you sell your property to a buyer not working with an agent you will save the 3% commission that would normally go to the buyer's agent.

  4.  Why will agents show my property? Buyer's agents search the MLS exclusively to locate properties that match their buyer’s criteria. When an agent matches their buyer’s criteria to your property, they will see that there is a commission payable for the sale of your property. This commission will be the motivation for the real estate agent to direct their buyers to your property.

  5. Are there any hidden costs? There are no hidden costs. 

  6.  Do we have access the Realtors MLS (GAMLS and FMLS)? No, only brokers and agents that are members of the GAMLS and/or FMLS have access to the Realtors MLS. The general public only has access to the public MLS access sites such as, Trulia,com, and (see Internet Marketing Included).

  7.  How do we make changes to our MLS listing? You may make changes to your MLS listing at any time. Simply e-mail us; we will make the changes for you.  We do not charge extra for changes.

  8.  Can we terminate our MLS listing early? Yes, you will need to sign a status change form and pay the withdrawal fee $50.00, that we would normally collected at closing.

  9.  Can we place our own sign on the property? Yes, however your listing is listed with Total Choice Realty, agents will be looking for our logo to show your property. Agents typically will not show properties that have the traditional ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign - the choice is up to you.

  10.  How long does it take for our MLS listing to appear on the Realtor's MLS and Once we receive the MLS paperwork from you we will upload the listing into the MLS the same day, provided we receive the paperwork by 2PM (M-F), if the paperwork comes in after the 2PM cutoff we will enter your listing in the system the next business day.

    Agents will have access to your property information immediately. and all the other public access web sites feed directly off the MLS your listing will appear on these public MLS access sites within 24-72 hrs.

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